We admit it. We’re wimps about winter. Here in Southern California, we definitely deal with seasons but they’re more of a “Seasons Light” type of thing. We don’t do polar vortexes or sub-zero temps, and we don’t need true winter gear. Still, we have our own weather shifts as the months pass, and this winter has been an especially chilly one. Maybe we’ve piled on or purchased more coats, layers, or furry boots than usual. Maybe we’ve pushed our dresses and shorts into odd and random corners of our closets. Maybe we’ve gotten a couple too many sweaters for our dogs… you know how it goes. But whether you’re counting down days ‘til a frigid East Coast winter starts to thaw, or complaining about a high of 55 degrees like Angelenos tend to do, there’s no denying that we’re all looking forward to spring.

Since warmer weather happens to be just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to share our secrets for an easy closet revamp. The idea of pulling stuff out of storage, or tossing stuff in can be overwhelming – but it definitely doesn’t have to be! Check out our Neat Life LA’s Seven Tips for a Sweet Seasonal Wardrobe Switch-Out below, and we’ll see you sitting pretty in the sunshine.

1.    Assess and Edit: You knew this was coming! Take a look at your closet. Break it down into sections. (We recommend drawers first, then hanging rack, then shoes.) Sift through, section by section, and sort the following categories: *Donate, *Keep, *Store (store is for items that will soon be out of season, or items that are too loved to toss but rarely needed – old tie dye tees come to mind.)

2.    Be Honest with the Edits: If you haven’t worn it in over nine months, if it no longer fits, or if it no longer ‘fits’ your lifestyle, we suggest letting it go.

3.    Clean the Closet: Literally. Now, with everything moved out of your way, (big old piles on the bed is our go-to method) is the perfect time to sweep the floor of the closet, wipe down your shelving and dresser, and swap out any sad wire or slippery plastic hangers for the cozy felt ones.

4.    Organize What’s There: After you’ve gone through section by section and determined that you love and wear all the items currently taking up real estate in your closet, it’s time to organize by garment, color code (if you’re like us!), and ensure that each item is clean, folded properly, and ready to wear! Tuck it back into your sparkling clean drawers or closet.

5.    Head for the Storage: This is where we get seasonal. If you have spring/summer-wear stored (neatly we hope! If not, we can help), it’s time to pull out the suitcase or storage bins and assess all that fun flowy clothing you haven’t seen all winter. Once again, you’ll want to Assess and Edit this section of clothing.

6.    Integrate: Place the items coming to join your everyday wardrobe in the zones they belong, ensuring they are visible. You won’t wear what you don’t see, so utilize all that space you just made with your initial edits! For the winter items going back in to storage? Fold neatly, keep like with like, and label label label!

7.    Baskets and Bins FTW: Lighter clothing can be smaller and easier to lose track of. If you have limited space or are combining items in a single drawer (think: bathing suits alongside underwear or smaller tops in with your tee shirts), we love using small wicker baskets to separate items. Things don’t get lost this way, and your drawers always look pretty.

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the weather and wait for summer to officially hit!

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